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You Gotta Fight to Be Free

What's wrong with being comfortable?  What's wrong with feeling safe? long as that feeling comes from a healthy relationship where the feelings are mutual.

Sometimes, the hardest relationship to break up from is not the stifling's the relationship that FEELS safe and secure simply because it's comfortable.  If you're struggling with a relationship but can't figure out why, examine one word: FREEDOM.

Healthy Relationship Tips

Are you free?  Not from obligation or commitment, but are you free to live the way you want. Are you free to follow your heart?  Are you free to quit the wrong job to pursue the right one?  Are you free to spend time with family, friends, those around you who make you feel good and balanced?

 If the answer is a reluctant "No," you might not be as safe as you thought.  Manipulation isn't always  the result of an evil person trying to control us; we can also lend ourselves to manipulation, or even hand control of our lives over to another person, forcing them, in fact, to make decisions for us.
Relationship To Break Up

In some cases, an unbalanced relationship of this kind can regain its equilibrium once the "weaker" party has staked a claim.  In other cases, it's time to move on.  So take a look at that word.  Make sure it applies to you and your partner.  And if it doesn't, stake a claim.  As soon as possible.

The toughest step, to paraphrase Al Gore, is facing an "inconvenient truth." But in order to be free,  you have to be willing to free yourself! Talk to your partner.  Talk about the decisions you intend to make for yourself.

Healthy Relationship Boundaries

If these decisions urge your partner to leave or cause them to feel they cannot continue this relationship, then a break up may be inevitable. YOU should not be in this relationship.  Be strong.  Set yourself free, because no one else will.  In fact, no one else CAN.

"Pink's announced task is to determine what states of mind we need if we are to be free to act otherwise than as we actually do..."

Chủ Nhật, 19 tháng 2, 2017

Teasing Women To Create Attraction

Teasing women is a great way to attract women and get them into bed fast, but to begin with, I would like you to visualize this scenario…

Let’s say you’re speaking to a girl and the conversation is flowing. You’ve a few things in common with her, she’s easy to talk to, and everything seems to be going pretty well.

How To Playfully Tease A Women to Create Attraction

After twenty minutes to an hour of pleasant conversation, she says to you she needs to leave…so you take out your phone to get her number.

You reckon this girl likes you so meeting her again won’t be difficult. But when you call her or call her the following day, you don’t get a response. Or if you do get a kind of reaction, she can’t remember who you are at first…and when you try and ask her out on a date, she says to you she’s terribly busy this week (and next week, and the week after that…as far as having a date with you, she’s apparently booked up forever).

What’s going on here?

What makes a girl seem “into” you during that first conversation, but then treats you like a nobody when make an effort to see her again?

It’s really down to just one particular word. You’ll have made her laugh…she might have found you fantastic to talk to….but you didn’t make her feel any ATTRACTION.

And to get a girl to feel that strong, undeniable, fundamental attraction, she has to feel one important thing – SEXUAL TENSION.

The phrase “sexual tension” may appear to you like a bad thing, but it isn’t. What it really means is, she’s starting to feel attracted to you…but she’s not sure whether you feel the same way about her.

Sexual tension builds up when she starts to WANT you…but she doesn’t know if she can HAVE you.

And women want what they can’t have! They love a guy who is a challenge. It’s one of the big reasons why “bad boys,” who are cocky, fun, and obviously have loads of sexual options, are able to attract women quite effortlessly. They’re sexually attractive to women on a gut level — even when they are the most awful guys to be with!

That’s why to help you attract women, it’s essential to “shift gears” at some time during the conversation and start teasing her and presenting yourself to here as a CHALLENGE. You cannot let the conversation to stay stuck in “neutral.”

Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 2, 2017

How to Get Over a Breakup For Woman

We all know that relationships can be notoriously difficult. Even if we are madly in love with our partners, there are often problems within a relationship that can sometimes seem insurmountable.

From the first steps of getting involved all the way through how to get through a break up and beyond, there comes a time that all of us are in need of relationship advice help. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help, just be aware that not all advice is meant for every situation.

Relationship Advice Help

Sometimes we go to friends, family or even therapists for advice. All of those outlets can be useful in their own contexts, especially if we are in need of a shoulder to cry on.

However, sometimes we need real, constructive and detailed advice that is specifically geared towards helping us in certain situations, for example, a break up. Although going to friends and family might help to a certain extent, they might not be able to do much more than offer sympathetic platitudes.

Not all people handle break ups the same. Some of us tend to get a little emotional and might make a few mistakes. Some of the expected (but usually not helpful) things that we do after a relationship ends include texting or calling our exes repeatedly or even calling their friends and families to ask about “updates”.

Sometimes we even torture ourselves by checking their Facebook or MySpace’s pages to see if we can get any information about how they are doing. Truth be told, those are not the ways to get back into our ex’s good graces.

Perhaps one of the best ways to get good advice is to go to someone that has been in your situation and has helped hundreds or even thousands of people overcome their relationship issues.

Some of the best relationship advice help is born out of empathy, not necessarily sympathy. If someone has been exactly where you are emotionally and has successfully overcome the issue, then they probably know the steps to take so that you can enjoy success as well.

Relationship advice help should be able to offer clear and detailed instructions on what to do and what not to do in any given situation. It can even offer insight as to when it is appropriate to have “make up sex” and when it is too soon.


Having too much physical contact too soon into the making up process can hurt your chances. So can being too available or groveling, so that’s why neither one of those routes should be taken.

People are often at a loss as to what to do following a break up. The right relationship advice can take some of the questions and turn them into answers, even if the situation is hopelessly confusing. Sometimes an upheaval in emotions can cause us to act in ways that we otherwise wouldn’t dream of doing.

Although relationships and break-ups are a normal part of life, they can still be stressful. But we can channel that stress and energy into getting what we want as long as the right relationship advice help is followed.

If you have recently gone through a break up and are still wondering how to get back together with an ex, there is help available for you so that you can be back in his (or her) arms again.